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Mindolé is a Community Library that operates permanently in the parish of Mindo, is a space of free access, granted on loan by the Municipal Government of San Miguel de los Bancos.

The legal status of the Mindolé group corresponds to SALEM International, which through an agreement, actively participates in the management and activities of Mindolé.

The Mindolé Community Library was inaugurated in April 2019, organized by a group of neighbors of the parish of Mindo, from the Civil Society with a common goal; to promote a community space for peaceful, harmonious and informed coexistence of the population.

Many wills have joined this great social initiative and collaborate from self-management, motivation and solidarity, to provide all people who want to make Mindolé a place for culture, knowledge, social transformation and love for our territory.

assorted-title of books piled in the shelves

The Mindole Library in the town of Mindo opens its doors to promote biodiversity, the rescue of memory, the defense of human rights and nature, and community encounters.

In Mindole, we are defenders of the water, the land, the green and the blue that beautifies this region.

Join us on this literary and environmental journey!

Visit us to discover the magic that dwells in each page and the greatness of the nature that surrounds us. Mindolé: where the passion for reading merges with the love for our environment.

Join this cause and let’s join forces for a better world together!

Our vision is that by 2030, the Mindolé Community Library will be the epicenter of culture in the territory of the Pichincha Andean Chocó Biosphere Reserve.

We are a community and democratic space, where the transformative power of reading and education for our communities is possible.

woman wearing tribal dress
woman wearing tribal dress
woman wearing tribal dress
woman wearing tribal dress
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